About Us

We are the epicenter of male Afro hair culture

The purpose of this site:
To inspire
To entertain
A reference for a barber or stylist
A glossary of different hairstyles
A look at iconic hairstyles that defined the times

Our Story

The concept for Legendary Hairstyles came as we began trying to look for something to inspire us, or at least to give me an idea of something new we could do. Then we realized how few sites had any information or pictures about urban male hair, and even fewer that specialized just in black men's hair. That gave me the idea to create a site that did just that. A site that incorporated different types of hairstyles and haircuts, but not just that, also iconic hairstyles from celebrities, history, hip-hop and all aspects of the African American culture. We searched through thousands of websites, magazines, and pictures to gather as many different styles as we could, and hopefully our gallery gets to grow even more. We have grown to be the cultural hub for all things African American hairstyles

*disclaimer* Most of the pictures on our site were submitted to us and we do not have the abilitly to check or control what we recieve. If their is a legal copyright on any picture that has been posted on our site please send us the legal documentation and any other paper work and it will be taken down immediately, and if any of the pictures posted were by you and you want to recieve credit or a shout-out and you can prove it, let us know, we love to give credit where credit is due.