Submit Photos to LH

How to Submit Photos and Videos

What you need:

  • A photo of a hairstyle or a link to your video

Helpful Hints

Photo dos and don’ts:

  1. We prefer head shots
  2. The higher the definition the better, we like clear pictures
  3. Although we like your smile we want the photo to focus on the hairstyle
  4. If you are sending us a picture of someone else make sure it doesn’t have a copyright
  5. We are looking for unique or out of the ordinary hairstyles; it doesn’t have to be crazy but nothing basic
  6. It doesn’t have to be you, it can be old school or celebrity photos

Video dos and don’ts:

  1. We like videos of the hair while being cut and a finished shot
  2. We do not want a video of pictures of hairstyles (just send us the pictures instead)
  3. Show us a little love, if your video is posted, a link to our website in the description is always welcome
  4. We want the video to be solely based on the haircut, we do not want any videos that have extra stuff
  5. If its a tutorial video please indicate so and be very descriptive in the video
  6. Make sure it is at-least a decent quality video


Note* we prefer PHOTOS to videos. Not all hairstyles sent in will be posted, either due to photo quality, it’s too basic, photo doesn’t focus on the hairstyle or for many other reasons. Also if their is a similar photo to the one you sent in our main gallery, we will still try to post it in a update but won’t be put in the main gallery.


How to submit PHOTOS:

How to submit VIDEOS:


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